cosmoslik_plugins.likelihoods.spt_lowl package


class cosmoslik_plugins.likelihoods.spt_lowl.spt_lowl.spt_lowl(which='s12', lmin=None, lmax=None, drop=None, egfs='default', cal=None, **kwargs)

Bases: cosmoslik.cosmoslik.SlikPlugin

The SPT “low-L” likelihood from Keisler et al. 2011 or Story et al. 2012.

See spt_lowl.ipynb for some examples using this plugin.

__call__(cmb, egfs=None, cal=None)

Compute the likelihood.

  • cmb (dict) – A dict which has a key “TT” which holds the CMB Dl’s in muK^2
  • egfs/cal – Override whatever (if anything) was set in __init__(). See __init__() for documentation on these arguments.
__init__(which='s12', lmin=None, lmax=None, drop=None, egfs='default', cal=None, **kwargs)
  • which – ‘k11’ or ‘s12’
  • lmin/lmax (int) – restrict the data to this \(\ell\)-range
  • drop (slice, int, or array of ints) – remove the bins at these indices
  • cal (float) – calibration parameter, defined to multiply the data power spectrum. (only available if which=’s12’)
  • egfs (callable, None, or 'default') – A callable object which will be called to compute the extra-galactic foreground model. It should accept keyword arguments lmax which specifies the length of the array to reuturn, and egfs_specs which contains information like frequency and fluxcut needed for more sophisticated foreground models. If egfs is None, its assumed it will be set later (you must do so before computing the likelihood). If ‘default’ is specified, the default foreground model will be used (see spt_lowl_egfs)
plot(ax=None, residuals=False, show_comps=False)

Plot the data (multplied by calibration) and the model.

Calibration and model taken from previous call to __call__().

  • ax (axes) – matplotlib axes object
  • residual (bool) – plot residuals to the model
  • show_comps (bool) – plot CMB and egfs models separately
class cosmoslik_plugins.likelihoods.spt_lowl.spt_lowl.spt_lowl_egfs(Asz=<cosmoslik.cosmoslik.param object>, Acl=<cosmoslik.cosmoslik.param object>, Aps=<cosmoslik.cosmoslik.param object>, **kwargs)

Bases: cosmoslik.cosmoslik.SlikPlugin

The default foreground model for the SPT low-L likelihood from Story/Keisler et al. which features (tSZ+kSZ), CIB clustering, and CIB Poisson templates, with free amplitudes and priors on these amplitudes.

__call__(lmax, **_)

Calculation code here.

__init__(Asz=<cosmoslik.cosmoslik.param object>, Acl=<cosmoslik.cosmoslik.param object>, Aps=<cosmoslik.cosmoslik.param object>, **kwargs)

Initialization code here.

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